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World Fairs and Expositions

Year Fair
1851 London, England Great Exhibition of the Works of Industry of All Nations (London Crystal Palace)
1853 Dublin, Ireland Great Industrial Exhibition
1853-54 New York City World's Fair of the Works of Industry of All Nations (New York Crystal Palace)
1855 Paris, France Exposition Universelle (Paris Universal)
1862 London International Exhibition of 1862 (London Universal)
1865 Dublin, Ireland International Exhibition of Arts and Manufactures
1867 Paris, France Exposition Universelle (Paris Universal)
1871 London First Annual International Exhibition
1872 London Second Annual International Exhibition
1873 London Third Annual International Exhibition
1873 Vienna, Austria Weltausstellung 1873 Wien (Vienna International)
1874 London Fourth Annual International Exhibition
1875 Santiago, Chile Exposicion Internacional de 1875
1876 Philadelphia Centennial Exposition
1877 Cape Town, South Africa South African International Exhibition
1878 Paris Exposition Universelle (Paris Universal)
1879-80 Sydney, Australia Sidney International Exhibition
1881 Melbourne, Australia International Exhibition
1883 Amsterdam Internationale Koloniale en Uitvoerhandel Tentoonstelling te Amsterdam
1883 Boston The American Exhibition of the Products, Arts and Manufactures of Foreign Nations
1883-84 Calcutta, India International Exhibition
1883 Louisville, KY Southern Exposition
1884-85 New Orleans World's Industrial and Cotton Centennial Exhibition (New Orleans Centennial)
1885 Antwerp, Belgium Exposition Universelle d'Anvers
1886 London Colonial and Indian Exposition
1887 Adelaide, Australia Jubilee International Exhibition
1888 Barcelona, Spain Exposicion Universal de Barcelona
1888 Glasgow, Scotland International Exhibition
1888 Brussels, Belgium Grand Concours International des Sciences et de l'Industrie
1888-89 Melbourne, Australia Centennial International Exhibition
1889 Paris Exposition Universelle
1891 Kingston, Jamaica International Exhibition
1891-92 Launceston, Australia Tasmania International Exhibition
1893 Kimberly, South Africa South Africa and International Exhibition
1893 Chicago World's Columbian Exposition
1894 San Francisco California Midwinter International Exhibition
1894 Antwerp, Belgium Exposition Internationale d'Anvers
1894-95 Hobart, Australia Tasmania International Exhibition
1895 Atlanta, Georgia Cotton States and International Exposition (Atlanta Exposition)
1897 Guatemala City, Guatemala Exposicion Centro-Americana
1897 Brisbane, Australia Queensland International Exhibition
1897 Brussels, Belgium Exposition Internationale
1898 Omaha, Nebraska Trans-Mississippi Exposition
1900 Paris Exposition Universelle
1901 Buffalo, New York Pan-American Exposition
1901 Glasgow, Scotland Glasgow International Exhibition
1902 Turin, Italy Esposizione Internazionale d'Arte Decorativa Moderna
1902-03 Tonkin (Hanoi), Indo China Exposition Francaise et Internationale
1904 St. Louis, MO. Louisiana Purchase Exposition
1905 Portland, Oregon Lewis & Clark Centennial Exposition
1907 Norfolk/Hampton Roads, VA Jamestown Ter-Centennial Exposition
1909 New York Hudson-Fulton Celebration
1909 Seattle, WA Alaska-Yukon Pacific Exposition
1910 Brussels, Belgium Brussels International
1915 San Francisco Panama-Pacific International Exposition
1915 San Diego, CA Panama-California Exposition
1924-25 Wembly, England British Empire Exhibition
1925 Paris International Exposition of Decorative Arts & Modern Industries
1926 Philadelphia, PA Sesqui-Centennial International Exhibition
1929 Barcelona & Seville, Spain International Exposition
1930 Stockholm, Sweden Stockholm International
1931 Paris French Colonial Exposition
1933-34 Chicago Century of Progress International Exposition
1935 Brussels, Belgium International Exposition
1935 San Diego, CA California-Pacific International Exposition
1936-37 Cleveland, OH Great Lakes Exposition
1936-37 Dallas, TX Texas Centennial Central Exposition
1937 Paris Arts & Techniques Exposition
1938 Glasgow, Scotland British Empire Exposition
1939-40 San Francisco Golden Gate International Exposition
1939-40 New York New York World's Fair
1951 London Festival of Britain
1958 Brussels, Belgium Exposition '58 Bruxelles
1962 Seattle, WA Century 21 Exposition
1964-65 New York New York World's Fair
1967 Montreal, Quebec Universal & International Exposition of 1967
1968 San Antonio, TX Hemisfair '68
1970 Osaka, Japan Japan World Exposition Osaka 1970
1974 Spokane, WA International Exposition on the Environment (Expo '74)
1975 Okinawa, Japan International Ocean Exposition
1982 Knoxville, TN Knoxville International Energy Exposition
1984 New Orleans Louisiana World Exposition
1985 Tsukuba, Japan Tsukuba Expo '85
1986 Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada Vancouver Expo '86
1988 Brisbane, Australia Brisbane World Expo '88

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