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Author Name True Name Search Titles
Waddell, Martin Martin Waddell Search
Wade, Alan John Holbrook Vance Search
Wade, Henry Henry L Aubrey-Fletcher Search
Wade, Jennifer Joy DeWeese-Wehen Search
Wagner, Sharon Sharon Wagner Search
Wainscott, Tina Tina Wainscott Search
Wainwright, John John William Wainwright Search
Walbert, Kate Ann Katherine Walbert Search
Wald, Noreen Noreen Wald Search
Walker, Elizabeth Elizabeth Neff Walker Search
Walker, Harry Hillary Baldwin Waugh Search
Walker, Jennie Charles Boyle Search
Walker, Lucy Dorothy Lucie Sanders Search
Walker, Lucy Dorothy Lucy Sanders Search
Walker, Max Michael Angelo Avallone Search
Walker, Peter N. Peter Norman Walker Search
Walker, Robert W. Robert W Walker Search
Walker, Victoria Victoria Clayton Search
Wallace, Edgar Richard Horatio Edgar Wallace Search
Wallace, Ian John Wallace Pritchard Search
Waller, Leslie Leslie Waller Search
Walley, Byron Orson Scott Card Search
Walley, Chris Chris Walley Search
Wallington, Vivienne Vivienne Wallington Search
Walsh, James Frank M Robinson Search
Walsh, Sheila Sheila O'Nions Walsh Search
Walters, Rick Donald Sydney Rowland Search
Warborough, Martin Leach Charles Grant Blairfindie Allen Search
Ward, Charlotte Marion McChesney Search
Ward, J R Jessica Rowley Pell Bird Search
Ward, Jonas William Robert Cox Search
Ward, Jonas William Thomas Ard Search
Wardle, Dan Charles Horace Snow Search
Ware, Joss Colleen Gleason Search
Waring, Molly Mary Faulkner Search
Warren, Mary Douglas Maysie Greig Search
Warren, Pat Pat Warren Search
Washburn, L J Livia J. Washburn Search
Washburn, Livia J. Livia J. Washburn Search
Watson, Jude Jude Watson Search
Watson, Richard F Robert Silverberg Search
Watt-Evans, Lawrence Lawrence Watt-Evans Search
Waugh, Hillary Hillary Baldwin Waugh Search
Wayland, Patrick Richard O'Connor Search
Wayne, Anderson Davis Dresser Search
Wayne, Joseph Wayne Daniel Overholser Search
Wayne, Joseph Lewis Byford Patten Search
Weale, Anne Jay Blakeney Search
Weary, Ogdred Edward St. John Gorey Search
Weatherly, L A Lee Weatherly Search
Weatherly, Lee Lee Weatherly Search
Weaver, Ben Peter Telep Search
Weaver, Will William Weller Search
Webb, Catherine Catherine Louise Webb Search
Webb, Christopher Leonard Patrick O'Connor Wibberley Search
Webb, Martha G Martha Anne Guice Search
Webb, Neil Donald Sydney Rowland Search
Webster, Noah William Knox Search
Welch, Ronald Ronald Oliver Felton Search
Welcome, John John Needham Huggard Brennan Search
Weldon, Thomas Campbell Armstrong Search
Welfare, Sue Kate Lawson Search
Welfonder, Sue-Ellen Sue-Ellen MacDuffie Welfonder Search
Wells, Agnus Angus Wells Search
Wells, Carolyn Carolyn Wells Search
Wells, H G Herbert George Wells Search
Wells, Helen Helen Wells Search
Wells, Melinda Linda Palmer Search
Wells, Shirley Shirley Wells Search
Welsh, T K J G Sandom Search
Wentworth, Patricia Dora Amy Dillon Turnbull Search
Werper, Barton Peter T and Peg O'Neill Scott Search
Wesley, Mary Mary Aline Mynars Siepmann Search
West, Carter David Whitehead Search
West, Dorothy Mildred Augustine Wirt Benson Search
West, Edwin Donald E Westlake Search
West, Michelle Michelle West Search
West, Morris Morris Langlo West Search
West, Nathanael Nathan Wallenstein Weinstein Search
West, Nicola Lilian Harry Search
West, Nigel Rupert Allason Search
West, Rebecca Cicily Isabel Fairfield Search
West, Rosalyn Nancy Gideon Search
West, Tracy Tracey West Search
West, Ward Harold Glen Borland Search
Westbrook, Kate Samantha Weinberg Search
Westlake, Donald E Donald E Westlake Search
Westland, Lynn Archie Lynn Joscelyn Search
Westmacott, Mary Agatha Mary Clarissa Christie Search
Weston, Allen Alice Mary Norton Search
Weston, Cole Robert J. Randisi Search
Weston, Helen Gray Dorothy Daniels Search
Weston, Sophie Jenny Haddon Search
Weyman, Stanley Stanley John Weyman Search
Weyrd, Madame Groeda Edward St. John Gorey Search
Wharton, Anthony Alister McAllister Search
Wharton, William Albert DuAime Search
Whickman, Madeleine Madeleine Wickham Search
White, Ellen Emerson Ellen Emerson White Search
White, James Dillon Stanley White Search
White, Jonathan John B. Harvey Search
White, Lionel Lionel White Search
White, Michael Michael White Search
White, Randy Wayne Randy Wayne White Search
White, T H Terence Hanbury White Search
White, Ted Theodore Edwin White Search
White, Terence Hanbury Terence Hanbury White Search
White, Theodore Edwin Theodore Edwin White Search
White, Tiffany Anna Eberhardt Search
Whitefeather, Sheri Sheri Whitefeather Search
Whitehead, David David Whitehead Search
Whitfield, Kit Katharine Whitfield Search
Whitiker, Gail Gail Whitiker Search
Whiting, Charles Charles Whiting Search
Whitney, Polly Polly Whitney Search
Whittenbury, Karen Toller Karen Toller Whittenburg Search
Whittington, Harry Harry Benjamin Whittington Search
Wibberley, Leonard Leonard Patrick O'Connor Wibberley Search
Wick, Carter Collin Wilcox Search
Wigan, Christopher David Ernest Bingley Search
Wigg, T I G Donald Philip McCutchan Search
Wiggs, Susan Susan Wiggs Search
Wilcox, Collin Collin Wilcox Search
Wilde, Jennifer Tom Elmer Huff Search
Wilde, Oscar Oscar Fingal O'Flahertie Willis Wilde Search
Wilder, J C J C Wilder Search
Wilie, Dirk Frederik Pohl Search
Wilkins, Gena Gina Ferris Wilkins Search
Wilkins, Kim Kim Wilkins Search
Willeford, Charles Charles Ray Willeford Search
Willett, Marcia Marcia Willett Search
Willey, Robert Willy Ley Search
William, Kate J E Bright Search
Williams, Bronwyn Dixie Burrus Browning Search
Williams, Claudette Claudette Williams Search
Williams, Heather Tui T Sutherland Search
Williams, Heather, (with Tui T Sutherla Vella Munn, (with Tui T Sutherla Search
Williams, Jeanne Jeanne Williams Search
Williams, Jon Walter Jon Williams Search
Williams, Patrick J William Edmund Butterworth Search
Williams, Robert Moore Robert Moore Williams Search
Williams, Tad Robert Paul Williams Search
Williams, Tennessee Thomas Lanier Williams Search
Williams, Thomas Lanier Thomas Lanier Williams Search
Williams, Walter Jon Walter Jon Williams Search
Williamson, Beth Beth Williamson Search
Williamson, J N Gerald Neal Williamson Search
Williamson, Jack John Stewart Williamson Search
Williamson, Penelope Penelope Williamson Search
Williamson, Penn Penelope Williamson Search

213 Authors Found Last Name First Initial W
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