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Author Name True Name Search Titles
Sackville-West, Vita Victoria Mary Sackville-West Search
Sagan, Franšoise Franšoise Quoirez Search
Sagara, Michelle Michelle West Search
Saint-Exupery, Antoine de Antoine-Marie-Roger de Saint-Exupery Search
Saintcrow, Lilith Lilith Saintcrow Search
Saki Hector Hugh Munro Search
Sala, Sharon Sharon Sala Search
Sale, Medora Medora Sale Search
Salinger, J D Jerome David Salinger Search
Salisbury, Carola Michael Butterworth Search
Salsitz, R A V Rhondi A Vilott Salsitz Search
Salvatore, R A Robert Anthony Salvatore Search
Samuel, Barbara Barbara Samuel Search
Sanborn, B X William Sanborn Ballinger Search
Sanders, Annie, Annie Ashworth Search
Sanders, Annie, Meg Sanders Search
Sanders, Daphne Georgiana Ann Randolph Craig Search
Sanders, Dorothy Lucie Dorothy Lucie Sanders Search
Sanders, George Georgiana Ann Randolph Craig Search
Sanders, Lawrence Lawrence Sanders Search
Sanders, W Franklin Charles Ray Willeford Search
Sanders, Winston P. Poul William Anderson Search
Sandford, John John Roswell Camp Search
Sandom, J G J G Sandom Search
Sandon, J D Angus Wells Search
Sandon, J D John B. Harvey Search
Sands, Martin John Frederick Burke Search
Sandstrom, Eve K Eve K Sandstrom Search
Sandys, Oliver Marguerite Florence Jevis Search
Sansom, C J Christopher John Sansom Search
Sapper Herman Cyril McNeile Search
Sarban John W Wall Search
Sarton, May Eleanore Marie Sarton Search
Satterfield, Charles Frederik Pohl Search
Sauder, B L Bonita Sauder Search
Saulnier, Beth Beth Saulnier Search
Saunders, Caleb Robert Anson Heinlein Search
Saunders, Jean Jean Innes Saunders Search
Saunders, John Arthur Thomas Nickson Search
Saunders, Mack Philip L. Ketchum Search
Savage, Alan Christopher Robin Nicole Search
Savage, Les, Jr. Les Savage, Jr. Search
Saville, Andrew Andrew Taylor Search
Saville, Malcolm Leonard Malcolm Saville Search
Saxon, John A. Robert Leslie Bellem Search
Saxon, Peter Thomas Hector Martin Search
Saxon, Roger Joseph Lawrence Morrissey Search
Saxton, Judith Katie Flynn Search
Sayers, James Denson James Denson Sayers Search
Saylor, Steven Steven Saylor Search
Scarff, William Algirdas Jonas Budrys Search
Scarpetta, Frank Peter McCurtin Search
Schaller, Mary Mary Schaller Search
Scheer, K H Karl-Herbert Scheer Search
Schlein, Miriam Miriam Schlein Search
Schofield, Sandy Kristine Kathryn Rusch Search
Schofield, Sandy Dean Wesley Smith Search
Scholefield, Alan Alan T Scholefield Search
Scholefield, Edmund O William Edmund Butterworth Search
Schow, David J David J Schow Search
Schulman, J. Neil Joseph Neil Schulman Search
Schulze, Dallas Dallas Schulze Search
Scoppettone, Sandra Sandra Scoppettone Search
Scotland, Jay John William Jakes Search
Scott, Alicia Lisa Gardner Search
Scott, Amanda Lynne Scott-Drennan Search
Scott, Anthony Davis Dresser Search
Scott, Bronwyn Bronwyn Scott Search
Scott, Dan Squire Omar Barker Search
Scott, Janey Rachel Lindsay Search
Scott, Justin Justin Scott Search
Scott, Kieran Kieran Scott Search
Scott, Martin Martin Miller Search
Scott, Michael Michael Scott Search
Scott, Mike Michael Scott Search
Scott, Norford Donald Sydney Rowland Search
Scott, Susan Holloway Susan Holloway Scott Search
Scott, Valerie Donald Sydney Rowland Search
Scott, Warwick Trevor Dudley-Smith Search
Scott-Drennan, Lynne Lynne Scott-Drennan Search
Seabright, Idris Margaret St. Clair Search
Seare, Nicholas Rodney Whitaker Search
Searight, Ellen Joan Darling Search
Searls, Hank Henry Hunt Searls Search
Sears, Ruth McCarthy Ruth McCarthy Sears Search
Sebald, W G Winfried Georg Maximilian Sebald Search
Sebastian, Lee Robert Silverberg Search
Sefton, Catherine Martin Waddell Search
Sefton, Maggie Margaret Aunon Search
Seger, Maura Maura Seger Search
Segundo, Bart Donald Sydney Rowland Search
Seifert, Elizabeth Elizabeth Seifert Search
Sellers, Con Connie Leslie Sellers Search
Sellers, M R Murv Sellars Search
Sellings, Arthur Robert Author Ley Search
Seltzer, Charles Alsen Charles Alden Seltzer Search
Selwyn, Francis Donald Serrell Thomas Search
Senarens, Luis P Luis Philip Senarens Search
Sentry, John A. Algirdas Jonas Budrys Search
Seton, Anya Ann Seton Search
Seuss, Dr. Theodore Seuss Geisel Search
Severn, Donald Frederick William Nolan Search
Sey, Susan Susan Seyfarth Search
Seymour, E V Eve Seymour Search
Shackleton, C C Brian Wilson Aldiss Search
Shaftesbury, Margaret of Mary Monica Pulver Search
shahar, eluki bes eluki bes shahar Search
Shalvis, Jill Jill Shalvis Search
Shames, Laurence Laurence Shames Search
Shan, D B Darren O'Shaughnessy Search
Shan, Darren Darren O'Shaughnessy Search
Shane, Bart Donald Sydney Rowland Search
Shane, John Paul Durst Search
Shannon, Dell Barbara Elizabeth Linington Search
Shannon, Doris Doris Giroux Shannon Search
Shannon, Jade Janet Tanner Search
Shannon, Steve Johanes L. Bouma Search
Sharkey, Jack Jack Michael Sharkey Search
Sharman, Nick Scott Gr°nmark Search
Sharpe, Jon David Robbins Search
Shaul, Frank Donald Sydney Rowland Search
Shaw, Brian Edwin Charles Tubb Search
Shaw, Felicity Felicity Shaw Search
Shaw, George Bernard George Bernard Shaw Search
Shaw, Irwin Irwin Gilbert Shamforoff Search
Shearing, Joseph Gabrielle Margaret Vere Campbell Search
Sheckley, Alisa Alisa Kwitney Search
Sheckley, Robert Robert Sheckley Search
Sheldon, Dyan Dyan Sheldon Search
Sheldon, Jill Jill Shalvis Search
Sheldon, Raccoona Alice Bradley Sheldon Search
Sheldon, Roy Edwin Charles Tubb Search
Shellabarger, Samuel Samuel Shellabarger Search
Shepherd, John Willis Todhunter Ballard Search
Shepherd, Michael Robert Ludlum Search
Shepherd, Mike Mike Moscoe Search
Shepherd, Neal Nigel Morland Search
Sheridan, Lee Elsie Lee Search
Sheriff, Jack John Paxton Sheriff Search
Sheriff, John Paxton John Paxton Sheriff Search
Sherman, Dan Dan Sherman Search
Sherman, Jory Jory Tecumseh Sherman Search
Sherrill, Suzanne Sherryl Woods Search
Shertzer, Linda Linda Shertzer Search
Sherwood, Valerie Jeanne Hines Search
Shields, Carol Carol Ann Warner Shields Search
Shiell, M P Matthew Phipps Shiell Search
Shiras, Wilmar H Wilmar House Shiras Search
Shirley, John John Patrick Shirley Search
Shock, Julian Gerald Neal Williamson Search

338 Authors Found Last Name First Initial S
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