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Author Name True Name Search Titles
Packer, Vin Marijane Meaker Search
Padma, T V Padma Venkatraman Search
Page, Lorna Donald Sydney Rowland Search
Palmer, Don Mildred Augustine Wirt Benson Search
Palmer, Linda Linda Palmer Search
Palmer, Raymond A Raymond Arthur Palmer Search
Paradise, Mary Dorothy Eden Search
Park, Jordan Cyril M. Kornbluth Search
Park, Jordan Frederik Pohl Search
Parker, Beatrice Tom Elmer Huff Search
Parker, Jade Lorraine Heath Search
Parkes, Lucas John Wyndham Parkes Lucas Beynon Harris Search
Parkes, Wyndham John Wyndham Parkes Lucas Beynon Harris Search
Parrish, Frank Roger Erskine Longrigg Search
Patten, Lewis Lewis Byford Patten Search
Patterson, Harry Henry Patterson Search
Patterson, Harry Harry Patterson Search
Patterson, Olive Donald Sydney Rowland Search
Paul, Barbara Barbara Ovstedal Search
Paxton, Lois Dorothy Mackie Low Search
Paye, Robert Gabrielle Margaret Vere Campbell Search
Payne, Alan John William Jakes Search
Peace, Frank William Everett Cook Search
Peale, Cynthia Nancy Zaroulis Search
Pearson, Martin Donald Allen Wollheim Search
Peel, Jesse Steven Carl Perry Search
Pellume, Noam D Orson Scott Card Search
Pender, Marilyn Thomas Curtis H. Pendower Search
Pendleton, Don Donald Eugene Pendleton Search
Pendleton, Thomas Thomas Pendleton Search
Pendower, Jacques Thomas Curtis H. Pendower Search
Penn, Anne Thomas Curtis H. Pendower Search
Pennypacker, Sara Sara Pennypacker Search
Percival, Anne Eleanor Alice Burford Hibbert Search
Perry, Steve Steven Carl Perry Search
Peters, Bill William Peter McGivern Search
Peters, David Peter David Search
Peters, Roy Arthur Thomas Nickson Search
Peterson, Will, (with Peter Cocks) Mark Billingham, (with Peter Cocks) Search
Peterson, Will Peter Cocks Search
Phillifent, John T John T Phillifent Search
Phillips, Dorothy Dorothy Garlock Search
Phillips, Johanna Dorothy Garlock Search
Phillips, Mark Randall Garrett Search
Phillips, Mark Laurence M. Janifer Search
Phillips, Michael Charles Leroy Nutt Search
Phillips, Rog Roger P. Graham Search
Phillips, Tori Mary Schaller Search
Pickard, John O. Phillip Anthony John Borg Search
Pierce, John Robinson John Robinson Pierce Search
Pig, Edward Edward St. John Gorey Search
Pike, Charles R Angus Wells Search
Pilgrim, Anne Mabel Esther Allan Search
Pilgrim, David Hilary Adam St. George Saunders Search
Pilgrim, David John Leslie Palmer Search
Pilkey, Dav David Pilkey Search
Piper, Watty Arnold Munk Search
Pirelli, Pixie Kate Thompson Search
Pizzuti, Carolyn Carolyn Pizzuti Search
Pizzuti, Suzy Carolyn Pizzuti Search
Plaidy, Jean Eleanor Alice Burford Hibbert Search
Platt, Charles Charles Michael Platt Search
Plummer, Ben David Ernest Bingley Search
Pohl, Frederik Frederik Pohl Search
Poppen, Nikki Bronwyn Scott Search
Porges, Arthur Arthur Porges Search
Porlock, Martin Philip MacDonald Search
Porter, Alvin Donald Sydney Rowland Search
Potter, Margaret Margaret Edith Newman Potter Search
Pournelle, Jerry Jerry Eugene Pournelle Search
Power, Cecil Charles Grant Blairfindie Allen Search
Preedy, George Gabrielle Margaret Vere Campbell Search
Prentiss, Charlotte Charles Michael Platt Search
Prescott, Caleb David Ernest Bingley Search
Pritchard, John Wallace John Wallace Pritchard Search
Prole, Lozania Ursula Bloom Search
Pryce, Melinda Linda Shertzer Search
Pryor, Vanessa Chelsea Quinn Yarbro Search
Pulver, Mary Monica Mary Monica Pulver Search
Putnam, J Wesley Harry Sinclair Drago Search

80 Authors Found Last Name First Initial P

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