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Author Name True Name Search Titles
MacAlan, Peter Peter Berresford Ellis Search
MacApp, C C Carroll M. Capps Search
MacCargo, J T Peter Rabe Search
MacCreigh, James Frederik Pohl Search
Macdonald, James D James D Macdonald Search
MacDonald, John D John Dann MacDonald Search
Macdonald, Marcia Grace Livingston Hill Search
MacDonald, Philip Philip MacDonald Search
MacDougal, John James Blish Search
MacGill, Mrs Patrick Mrs. Patrick MacGill Search
MacGregor, Kinley Sherrilyn Kenyon Search
Mackay, Allie Sue-Ellen MacDuffie Welfonder Search
MacKenzie, Blake Randall Garrett Search
MacKenzie, Steve Kevin Randle Search
Mackinlay, Leila Leila Antoinette Sterling Mackinlay Search
MacLean, Alistair Alistair Stuart MacLean Search
MacLeod, Charlotte Charlotte Matilda MacLeod Search
MacLeod, Jean S Jean S. MacLeod Search
MacLeod, Robert William Knox Search
MacNeil, Anne Maura Seger Search
MacNeil, Duncan Donald Philip McCutchan Search
MacNeil, Neil Willis Todhunter Ballard Search
Mactavish, Dawn Dawn Thompson Search
Madison, Hank Donald Sydney Rowland Search
Madley, Thom Phil Rickman Search
Mainwaring, Daniel Daniel Mainwaring Search
Makepeace, Joanna Margaret Elizabeth York Search
Malaponte, Marco Peter Rabe Search
Malcolm, Dan Robert Silverberg Search
Malone, Kenneth Laurence M. Janifer Search
Manders, Harry Philip Jose Farmer Search
Maning, Kyle David Alexander Search
Manley-Tucker, Audrie Audrie Manley-Tucker Search
Manly, Marline St George Henry Rathborne Search
Mann, Deborah Ursula Bloom Search
Mann, Jack Evelyn Charles Vivian Search
Mann, James John B. Harvey Search
Mann, Patrick Leslie Waller Search
Manning, David Frederick Schiller Faust Search
Manning, Marsha Hettie Grimstead Search
Manning, Mary Lou Cameron Search
Manning, Reed Dave Smeds Search
Manor, Jason Oakley Maxwell Hall Search
Manton, Peter John Creasey Search
March, Hannah Tim Wilson Search
March, Jill Nora Roberts Search
Marchant, Catherine Catherine Cookson Search
Marcus, Joanna Lucilla Matthew Andrews Search
Mariner, Scott Frederik Pohl Search
Markham, Robert Sir Kingsley William Amis Search
Marlow, Edwina Tom Elmer Huff Search
Marlow, Max Christopher Robin Nicole Search
Marlowe, Hugh Harry Patterson Search
Marlowe, Hugh Henry Patterson Search
Marlowe, Stephen Milton Lesser Search
Marlowe, Stephen Milton Lesser Search
Marner, Robert Algirdas Jonas Budrys Search
Marric, J J John Creasey Search
Marsden, James John Creasey Search
Marsh, Geoffrey Charles L. Grant Search
Marsh, Jean Evelyn Marshall Search
Marsh, Willa Marcia Willett Search
Marshall, Alan Donald E Westlake Search
Marshall, Allan Donald E Westlake Search
Marshall, Edison Edison Tesla Marshall Search
Marshall, Gary Charles Horace Snow Search
Marshall, Julie Bobbi Smith Search
Marshall, Michael Michael Marshall Smith Search
Marsten, Richard Salvatore Albert Lombino Search
Marston, Edward Keith Miles Search
Martell, Dominic Sam Reaves Search
Martell, James David Ernest Bingley Search
Martin, Cort Jory Tecumseh Sherman Search
Martin, Lee Mark Timlin Search
Martin, Lee Martha Anne Guice Search
Martin, Mario, Jr Thomas Francis Monteleone, Jr Search
Martin, Stella Georgette Heyer Search
Martin, Thomas Thomas Hector Martin Search
Martin, Webber Robert Silverberg Search
Martinsen, Martin Ken Follett Search
Mason, Chuck Donald Sydney Rowland Search
Mason, Connie Connie Mason Search
Mason, Douglas R Douglas Rankine Mason Search
Mason, Ernst Frederik Pohl Search
Mason, Tally August William Derleth Search
Masterman, John Forrest J. Ackerman Search
Mather, Anne Mildred Grieveson Search
Matheson, Chris Richard Christian Matheson Search
Matheson, Richard Richard Burton Matheson Search
Matheson, Richard Richard Christian Matheson Search
Mathews, Francine Stephanie Barron Search
Matthews, Laura Elizabeth Neff Walker Search
Maugham, Robin Robin Cecil Rome Maugham Search
Mawson, Robert Robert Mawson Search
May, Julian Julian May Search
Maybury, Anne Anne Buxton Search
Mayfield, Julia Phyllis Dora Hastings Search
Maynard, L. H. Len Maynard Search
Mayo, Jim Louis Dearborn LaMoore Search
McBain, Ed Salvatore Albert Lombino Search
McCall, Anthony Henry Kane Search
McCall, Dinah Sharon Sala Search
McCall, Vincent Nigel Morland Search
McCann, Edson Frederik Pohl Search
McCarthy, Jane Ruth McCarthy Sears Search
McCloy, Helen Helen Worrell Clarkson McCloy Search
McCurtin, Peter Peter McCurtin Search
McCutchan, Philip Donald Philip McCutchan Search
McCutcheon, George Barr George Barr McCutcheon Search
McDaniels, Abigail Lynda and Daniel Trent Search
McDonald, Anson Robert Anson Heinlein Search
McElroy, Lee Elmer Kelton Search
McElwain, Dean David Robbins Search
McEvoy, Marjorie Marjorie McEvoy Search
McGivern, William P William Peter McGivern Search
McGuire, Christine Frederick William Nolan Search
McHugh, Stuart Donald Sydney Rowland Search
McIntyre, Hope Caroline Upcher Search
McKay, Simon Christopher Robin Nicole Search
McKee, Lynn Armistead Lynn Sholes Search
McKenna, Evelyn Archie Lynn Joscelyn Search
McKenna, Tate Mary Frances Tate Engels Search
McKenzie, Ray Robert Silverberg Search
McKettrig, Seaton Randall Garrett Search
McKinney, Jack James Luceno Search
McKinney, Jack Brian C. Daley Search
McLaglen, John J John B. Harvey Search
McMasters, Jake David Robbins Search
McNeile, H C Herman Cyril McNeile Search
McShane, Mark Mark McShane Search
Meade, Richard Benjamin Leopold Haas Search
Meaker, M J Marijane Meaker Search
Meaker, Marijane Marijane Meaker Search
Meek, Joseph Robert J. Randisi Search
Meloney, Franken Rose Dorothy Franken Search
Melville, Anne Margaret Edith Newman Potter Search
Melville, Jennie Gwendoline Butler Search
Menasco, Norman Wyman Guin Search
Mercer, Cecil William Cecil William Mercer Search
Merchant, Paul Harlan Jay Ellison Search
Merlin, Christina Constance Heaven Search
Merlyn, Arthur James Blish Search
Merril, Judith Judith Josephine Grossman Search
Merriman, Alex Robert Silverberg Search
Merwin, Sam, Jr Samuel Kimball Merwin, Jr Search
Merwin, Samuel Samuel Kimball Merwin Search
Messer, Mona Mona Naomi Anne Messer Hocking Search
Metcalf, Suzanne Lyman Frank Baum Search
Meyers, Richard Richard S Meyers Search
Meynell, Laurence Laurence Walter Meynell Search

201 Authors Found Last Name First Initial M
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