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Author Name True Name Search Titles
L'Amour, Louis Louis Dearborn LaMoore Search
L'Estrange, Anna Rosemary Anne L'Estrange Ellerbeck Search
Lacey, Sarah Kay Mitchell Search
Lachlan, M D Mark Barrowcliffe Search
Lafayette, Rene Lafayette Ron Hubbard Search
Laidlaw, Matt John Paxton Sheriff Search
Lake, Robert Robert J. Randisi Search
Laker, Rosalind Barbara Ovstedal Search
Lamb, Charlotte Sheila Holland Search
Lambert, Elizabeth Penelope Williamson Search
Lancaster, Sheila Sheila Holland Search
Lance, Leslie Irene Maude Swatridge Search
Lang, Emma Beth Williamson Search
Lang, King Edwin Charles Tubb Search
Langart, Darrel T Randall Garrett Search
Langley, Helen Donald Sydney Rowland Search
Lanham, Cheryl Cheryl Arguile Search
Lansing, Henry Donald Sydney Rowland Search
Lant, Harvey Donald Sydney Rowland Search
Lantry, Mike Edwin Charles Tubb Search
Lathen, Emma Emma Lathen Search
Latimer, Jonathan Jonathan Wyatt Latimer Search
Lattin, Anne Lois Dwight Taylor Search
Laurenston, Shelly Shelly Laurenston Search
Laverty, Donald James Blish Search
Lavond, Paul Dennis Frederik Pohl Search
Lawless, Anthony Philip MacDonald Search
Lawless, Jim John Paxton Sheriff Search
Lawrence, Vincent Vincent Banville Search
Lawson, Kate Kate Lawson Search
Lea, Timothy Christopher Wood Search
Lear, James Rupert Smith Search
Lear, Peter Peter Lovesey Search
Leaver, Ruth Ruth Tomalin Search
Ledd, Paul Robert J. Randisi Search
Lee, Elsie Elsie Lee Search
Lee, Louisa Carter William Fitzgerald Jenkins Search
Lee, Matt Samuel Kimball Merwin Search
Lee, Ranger Charles Horace Snow Search
Lee, Roberta Rachel Lindsay Search
Lee, William William Seward Burroughs Search
Leek, Margaret Sara Hutton Bowen-Judd Search
Leigh, Jackie Deborah Smith Search
Leighton, Lee Wayne Daniel Overholser Search
Leighton, Lee Lewis Byford Patten Search
Leinster, Murray William Fitzgerald Jenkins Search
Lelland, Frank Alfred McClelland Burrage Search
Lengel, Frances Alexander Trocchi Search
Lennox, Jacquelyn Deborah Smith Search
Lenton, Anthony Anthony Nuttall Search
LeSeig, Theo Theodore Seuss Geisel Search
Leslie, Miriam Philip L. Ketchum Search
Lesser, Milton S Milton Lesser Search
Lesser, Milton Milton Lesser Search
Lessing, Doris Doris Lessing Search
Lewis, Alred Henry Alfred Henry Lewis Search
Lewis, C Day Cecil Day Lewis Search
Lewis, D B Drexel Jerome Lewis Bixby Search
Lewis, Francine Helen Wells Search
Lewis, J R John Royston Lewis Search
Lewis, Roy John Royston Lewis Search
Lewitt, S N Shariann Lewitt Search
Lewitt, Shariann Shariann Lewitt Search
Ley, Willy Willy Ley Search
Leyton, Sophie Sheila O'Nions Walsh Search
Lin, Frank Gertrude Atherton Search
Linden, Juliana Linda Sole Search
Linden, Oliver Doris Caroline Abrahams Search
Lindholm, Megan Megan Lindholm Search
Lindsay, Kathleen Mary Faulkner Search
Lindsey, Johanna Helen Johanna Howard Lindsey Search
Linebarger, P M A Paul Myron Anthony Linebarger Search
Linington, Elizabeth Barbara Elizabeth Linington Search
Litton, Josie Maura Seger Search
Livingston, Grace Grace Livingston Hill Search
Lockhardt, Leonard Theodore L. Thomas Search
Lockwood, Glenn David Whitehead Search
Lofts, Norah Norah Lofts Search
Logan, Ford Dwight Bennett Newton Search
Logan, Mark Christopher Robin Nicole Search
Logan, Matt David Whitehead Search
Logan, William Laurence M. Janifer Search
Lomax, Bliss Harry Sinclair Drago Search
Lombino, Salvatore Albert Salvatore Albert Lombino Search
LoMedico, Brian T Thomas Francis Monteleone Search
Long, Wesley George Oliver Smith Search
Longley, W B Robert J. Randisi Search
Loraine, Philip Robin Estridge Search
Lord, Sheldon Donald E Westlake Search
Loring, Peter Samuel Shellabarger Search
Love, Dianna Dianna Love Snell Search
Lovehill, C B Charles Leroy Nutt Search
Lovell, Marc Mark McShane Search
Lovesey, Peter Peter Lovesey Search
Low, Dorothy Mackie Dorothy Mackie Low Search
Lowenbruck, Oliver David J Schow Search
Lowndes, Marie Marie Lowndes Search
Loxmith, John John Brunner Search
Luceno, James James Luceno Search
Ludlow, Geoffrey Laurence Walter Meynell Search
Ludlum, Robert Robert Ludlum Search
Lunas, Carmencita de las Alexander Trocchi Search
Luther, Martin Robert Author Ley Search
Lynch, Eric David Ernest Bingley Search
Lyndell, Catherine Margaret Elizabeth Ball Search
Lynn, Irene Donald Sydney Rowland Search
Lyon, Lyman R L. Sprague de Camp Search
Lyons, Susan Susan Lyons Search

108 Authors Found Last Name First Initial L

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