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List of Author Names with First Initial of Last Name H

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Author Name True Name Search Titles
Haas, Ben Benjamin Leopold Haas Search
Haddon, Christopher John Leslie Palmer Search
Hadley, Joan Joan Hess Search
Hagon, Priscilla Mabel Esther Allan Search
Hale, Glenn Robert W Walker Search
Hall, Adam Trevor Dudley-Smith Search
Hall, Desmond W Desmond W. Hall Search
Hall, Evan Eugene Edward Halleran Search
Hall, Gena Sheila Lynn Viehl Search
Hall, Jessica Sheila Lynn Viehl Search
Hall, Oakley Oakley Maxwell Hall Search
Hallam, Elizabeth Livia J. Washburn Search
Hallam, Livia Livia J. Washburn Search
Haller, Bill P. Peggy Anne Bechko Search
Halleran, E E Eugene Edward Halleran Search
Halliday, Brett Davis Dresser Search
Halliday, Brett Robert Terrall Search
Halliday, Dorothy Dorothy Dunnett Search
Halliday, Michael John Creasey Search
Halls, Geraldine Geraldine Mary Jay Search
Hamilton, Edmund Edmund Hamilton Search
Hamilton, Gail Barbara Corcoran Search
Hamilton, Laurell K Laurell Kaye Klein Search
Hamilton, Priscilla Roberta Leah Gellis Search
Hamlin, Dallas Dallas Schulze Search
Handeland, Lori Lori Handeland Search
Handler, Daniel Daniel Handler Search
Handler, David David Handler Search
Hanna, Janice Janice Thompson Search
Hannon, Ezra Salvatore Albert Lombino Search
Hanshew, Thomas W Thomas W. Hanshew Search
Harbage, Alfred B Alfred Bennett Harbage Search
Hardesty, Sarah Nora Roberts Search
Hardin, Clement Dwight Bennett Newton Search
Harding, Duncan Charles Whiting Search
Harding, Richard Robert Tine Search
Harding, Ross David Gemmell Search
Hardwick, Mollie Mollie Hardwick Search
Hardy, Laura Sheila Holland Search
Hardy, Russ Charles Horace Snow Search
Hargrave, Leonie Thomas M. Disch Search
Harling, Robert Robert Harling Search
Harlow, John Charles Horace Snow Search
Harmon, H H Robert Moore Williams Search
Harper, Karen Karen Harper Search
Harper, Tom Edwin Thomas Search
Harris, Charlaine Charlaine Harris Schultz Search
Harris, Frank Alexander Trocchi Search
Harris, John Beynon John Beynon Harris Search
Harris, John Beynon John Wyndham Parkes Lucas Beynon Harris Search
Harris, Johnson John Wyndham Parkes Lucas Beynon Harris Search
Harris, Larry M Laurence M. Janifer Search
Harrison, Bruce Edgar Pangborn Search
Harrison, Chip Lawrence Block Search
Harrison, Emma Kieran Scott Search
Harrison, Harry Harry Harrison Search
Harrison, Kim Dawn Cook Search
Harrison, Michael Michael Harrison Search
Harrison, Thea Amanda Carpenter Search
Harrison, Whit Harry Benjamin Whittington Search
Harry, Lilian Lilian Harry Search
Hart, Caroline Charles Garvice Search
Hart, Jon John B. Harvey Search
Hart, Matthew S James Reasoner Search
Harte, Marjorie Marjorie McEvoy Search
Harvester, Simon Henry St. John Clair Rumbold-Gibbs Search
Harvey, Caroline Joanna Trollope Search
Harvey, Jack Ian Rankin Search
Harvey, Jayne Tracey West Search
Harvey, Jemma Amanda Jane Askew Hemingway Search
Harvey, John B John B. Harvey Search
Harvey, Kathryn Barbara Wood Search
Harvey, Rachel Ursula Bloom Search
Hastings, Graham Roderic Jeffries Search
Hastings, Laura Maura Seger Search
Hastings, Michael Michael Bar-Zohar Search
Hastings, Phyllis Phyllis Dora Hastings Search
Hauser, Heinrich Heinrich Hauser Search
Hawk, Alex Elmer Kelton Search
Hawkins, Karen Karen Hawkins Search
Haworth, John Chris Walley Search
Hawthorne, Rachel Lorraine Heath Search
Haye, Jane Jan Haye Search
Hayes, Joseph Joseph Arnold Hayes Search
Haygood, G Arnold Frank Gill Slaughter Search
Haynes, Jasmine Jennifer Skully Search
Heath, Lorraine Lorraine Heath Search
Heath, Sandra Sandra Wilson Search
Heaven, Constance Constance Heaven Search
Heinlein, Robert A Robert Anson Heinlein Search
Held, Peter John Holbrook Vance Search
Helm, Eric Kevin Randle Search
Helmer, Roberta Roberta Helmer Search
Hemingway, Amanda Amanda Jane Askew Hemingway Search
Henry, Will Henry Wilson Allen Search
Herbert, Henry K Henry Herbert Knibbs Search
Heritage, Martin Sydney Horler Search
Herman, William Ambrose Bierce Search
Herrick, Thornecliff Drexel Jerome Lewis Bixby Search
Herries, Anne Linda Sole Search
Hess, Joan Joan Hess Search
Heuman, William William Heuman Search
Hewes, Cady Bernard Augustine De Voto Search
Heyer, Georgette Georgette Heyer Search
Higgins, Jack Harry Patterson Search
Higgins, Jack Henry Patterson Search
Highland, Dora Michael Angelo Avallone Search
Hildick, E W Edmund Wallace Hildick Search
Hildick, Wallace Edmund Wallace Hildick Search
Hill, Alexis Mary Francis Craig Search
Hill, Grace Livingston Grace Livingston Hill Search
Hill, Joe Joseph Hillstrom King Search
Hill, Pamela Pamela Hill Search
Hill-Lutz, Grace Livingston Grace Livingston Hill Search
Hillerman, Tony Anthony Grover Hillerman Search
Hilton, James James Hilton Search
Hines, Jeanne Jeanne Hines Search
Hjertstedt, Gunard Gunard Hjertstedt Search
Hobb, Robin Megan Lindholm Search
Hockaby, Stephen Gladys Maude Winifred Mitchell Search
Hocking, Anne Mona Naomi Anne Messer Hocking Search
Hodemart, Peter Pierre Audemars Search
Hodgkins, David C. Algirdas Jonas Budrys Search
Hodson, Arthur Arthur Thomas Nickson Search
Hoffenberg, Mason Mason Hoffenberg Search
Hoffman, Lee Lee Hoffman Search
Hogan, Lee Emily Devenport Search
Hogan, Ray Robert Ray Hogan Search
Holding, James James Holding Search
Holland, Isabelle Isabelle Holland Search
Holland, Marcus Janet Miriam Taylor Holland Caldwell Search
Holland, Sheila Sheila Holland Search
Hollander, Evan Edo van Belkom Search
Holman, C Hugh Clarence Hugh Holman Search
Holmes, A R Harry Bates Search
Holmes, H H William Anthony Parker White Search
Holmes, Kate Anne Holmberg Search
Holmes, Kenyon August William Derleth Search
Holmes, Victoria Victoria Holmes Search
Holt, Samuel Donald E Westlake Search
Holt, Tex Archie Lynn Joscelyn Search
Holt, Victoria Eleanor Alice Burford Hibbert Search
Holton, Leonard Leonard Patrick O'Connor Wibberley Search
Home, Michael Charlie Christopher Bush Search
Homes, Geoffrey Daniel Mainwaring Search
Hooper, Kay Kay Hooper Search
Hope, Margaret Alanna Knight Search
Hopkins, Hiram Charles Alden Seltzer Search
Hopkins, James William Francis Nolan Search
Hopley, George Cornell George Hopley-Woolrich Search

198 Authors Found Last Name First Initial H
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