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List of Author Names with First Initial of Last Name D

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Author Name True Name Search Titles
D'Allard, Hunter Willis Todhunter Ballard Search
Dahl, Arne Jan Arnald Search
Dale, George E. Dr. Isaac Asimov Search
Daley, Brian C Brian C. Daley Search
Dalton, Priscilla Michael Angelo Avallone Search
Dancer, J B Angus Wells Search
Dancer, J B John B. Harvey Search
Dane, Mark Michael Angelo Avallone Search
Dane, Mary Nigel Morland Search
Daniels, Dorothy Dorothy Daniels Search
Daniels, John S Wayne Daniel Overholser Search
Daniels, Lucy Ben M Baglio Search
Daniels, Max Roberta Leah Gellis Search
Daniels, Norman Elsie Lee Search
Danielson, Peter James Reasoner Search
Darkon, Kris Forrest J. Ackerman Search
Darling, Joan Joan Darling Search
David, Peter Peter David Search
Davidson, Avram Avram Davidson Search
Davidson, Hugh Edmund Hamilton Search
Davies, Walter C Cyril M. Kornbluth Search
Daviot, Gordon Elizabeth Mackintosh Search
Davis, Don Davis Dresser Search
Davis, Gordon Everette Howard Hunt Search
Davis, Lee Willoughby Jane Toombs Search
Davis, Melanie Claudette Williams Search
Dawson, Peter Frederick Schiller Faust Search
de Camp, L Sprague L. Sprague de Camp Search
de Pre, Jean-Anne Michael Angelo Avallone Search
De Voto, Bernard Bernard Augustine De Voto Search
Deadworry, E G Edward St. John Gorey Search
Dean, Dudley Dudley Dean McGaughy Search
Dean, Shelley Dorothy Lucy Sanders Search
Deane, Norman John Creasey Search
Debrett, Hal Davis Dresser Search
Deer, M J George Henry Smith Search
del Rey, Lester Lester del Rey Search
Delaney, John Donald Sydney Rowland Search
Dell, Belinda Jean Bowden Search
Delrio, Martin James D Macdonald Search
Delrio, Martin Debra Doyle Search
Demijohn, Thom Thomas M. Disch Search
Demijohn, Thom John Thomas Sladek Search
Deming, Kirk Harry Sinclair Drago Search
Dempsey, Hank Harry Harrison Search
Denim, Sue David Pilkey Search
Denmark, Harrison Roger Joseph Zelazny Search
Dennis, Ian Ian Dennis Search
Denver, Drake C Nelson Coral Nye Search
Denver, Rod John Thomas Edson Search
Derham, Gail Gail Whitiker Search
Derleth, August August William Derleth Search
Desmond, Hugh Mary Faulkner Search
Devenport, Emily Emily Devenport Search
Devine, Raynard Royston Ellis Search
Devlin, Linda Linda Winstead Jones Search
DeWeese-Wehen, Joy Joy DeWeese-Wehen Search
Dexter, Martin Frederick Schiller Faust Search
Dickson, Carter John Dickson Carr Search
Dietrich, Robert Everette Howard Hunt Search
Dillard, James Charles Horace Snow Search
Dillon, Anna Michael Scott Search
Disch, Thomas M Thomas M. Disch Search
Dixon, Franklin W. Priscilla Baker-Carr Search
Dixon, Franklin William Dougherty Search
Dixon, Paige Barbara Corcoran Search
Dixon, Rosie Christopher Wood Search
Dodge, Fremont Lee Grimes Search
Dominic, R B Emma Lathen Search
Domino, John Esther Holden Averill Search
Donavan, John Nigel Morland Search
Donoghue, P S Everette Howard Hunt Search
Dorman, Luke David Ernest Bingley Search
Dorsett, Danielle Dorothy Daniels Search
Douglas, Ian William Henry Keith Search
Douglas, Leonard Ray Douglas Bradbury Search
Douglas, Thorne Benjamin Leopold Haas Search
Dowdy, Mrs. Regera Edward St. John Gorey Search
Dower, Penn Thomas Curtis H. Pendower Search
Downes, Quentin Michael Harrison Search
Dozier, Zoe Dixie Burrus Browning Search
Drago, Harry Sinclair Harry Sinclair Drago Search
Drake, Emily Rhondi A Vilott Salsitz Search
Draper, Hastings Roderic Jeffries Search
Dresser, Davis Davis Dresser Search
Drew, Nicholas Robert Harling Search
Drexel, J B Drexel Jerome Lewis Bixby Search
Drinkrow, John Mollie Hardwick Search
Driver, Lee Sandra Tooley Search
Drumm, D B John Patrick Shirley Search
Drummond, Ivor Roger Erskine Longrigg Search
Drummond, Walter Robert Silverberg Search
Drury, Rebecca Jane Toombs Search
Dryden, John Donald Sydney Rowland Search
Dryden, Lennox Marguerite Steen Search
Dudley, Nancy Lois Dwight Taylor Search
Dudley-Smith, Trevor Trevor Dudley-Smith Search
Dugan, Jack William Edmund Butterworth Search
Dugan, John Kevin William Edmund Butterworth Search
Duke, Elizabeth Vivienne Wallington Search
Duncan, Duke St George Henry Rathborne Search
Duncan, Julia K. Mildred Augustine Wirt Benson Search
Duncan, Terence James Reasoner Search
Duncan, Terence William Francis Nolan Search
Dunnett, Dorothy Dorothy Dunnett Search
Durham, David Roy Vickers Search
Durrant, Teho William Anthony Parker White Search
Durrant, Theo Darwin L Teilhet Search
Durst, Paul Paul Durst Search
Dustin, Sarah Hannah Dustin Howell Search
Duval, Jeanne Virginia Edith Coffman Search
DuVaul, Virginia C Virginia Edith Coffman Search
Dwight, Allen Lois Dwight Taylor Search

113 Authors Found Last Name First Initial D

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