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Author Name True Name Search Titles
Cade, Robin Christopher Robin Nicole Search
Cadell, Elizabeth Violet Elizabeth Cadell Search
Cain, Robert William Henry Keith Search
Caine, Geoffrey Robert W Walker Search
Caldwell, Taylor Janet Miriam Taylor Holland Caldwell Search
Caley, Rod Donald Sydney Rowland Search
Callahan, Pete Peter Telep Search
Cameron, Caryn Karen Harper Search
Cameron, Charla Gloria Dale Skinner Search
Cameron, J D David Robbins Search
Cameron, Julie Lou Cameron Search
Cameron, Lou Lou Cameron Search
Cameron, Margaret Mary Faulkner Search
Camp, John John Roswell Camp Search
Campbell, Jeffrey Campbell Armstrong Search
Campbell, Joanna Jo Ann Simon Search
Campbell, John W, Jr John W. Campbell, Jr Search
Campbell, Karen Betty Beaty Search
Campbell, Margaret Gabrielle Margaret Vere Campbell Search
Cannell, Charles Evelyn Charles Vivian Search
Cannon, Curt Salvatore Albert Lombino Search
Cannon, Taffy Taffy Cannon Search
Canterbury, Scott Bob Reiss Search
Cantwell, Aston Charles Michael Platt Search
Canuck, Abe David Ernest Bingley Search
Capps, Carroll M Carroll M. Capps Search
Caravan, T P Charles C Munoz Search
Card, Orson Scott Orson Scott Card Search
Carder, Leigh Eugene Cunningham Search
Carl, JoAnna Eve K Sandstrom Search
Carlisle, Donna Donna Ball Search
Carlton, Roger Donald Sydney Rowland Search
Carnell, Richard Forrest J. Ackerman Search
Carpenter, Amanda Amanda Carpenter Search
Carpenter, John Jo John Reese Search
Carr, Alex Jenny Siler Search
Carr, Amelia Janet Tanner Search
Carr, Jayge Marj Krueger Search
Carr, John Dickson John Dickson Carr Search
Carr, Philippa Eleanor Alice Burford Hibbert Search
Carr, Terry Terry Carr Search
Carstairs, Kathleen Thomas Curtis H. Pendower Search
Carter, Ashley Harry Benjamin Whittington Search
Carter, Felicity Felicity Winifred Carter Search
Carter, Jefferson Stanley John Weyman Search
Carter, Nick Michael Angelo Avallone Search
Carter, Nick Willis Todhunter Ballard Search
Carver, Henry David Ernest Bingley Search
Cary, Kate Kate Cary Search
Cass, Zoe Dorothy Mackie Low Search
Cassidy, Robert J Laurence M. Janifer Search
Castle, Jayne Jayne Ann Castle Krentz Search
Castle, Robert Edmund Hamilton Search
Caudwell, Christopher Christopher St John Sprigg Search
Cavendish, Peter Sydney Horler Search
Cawthorne, James James Cawthorne Search
Chace, Isobel Elizabeth Mary Teresa Hunter Search
Challis, George Frederick Schiller Faust Search
Challis, Mary Sara Hutton Bowen-Judd Search
Chandos, Fay Irene Maude Swatridge Search
Chandos, Faye Jan Tempest Search
Chapin, Paul Philip Jose Farmer Search
Chapman, Walter Robert Silverberg Search
Chappell, Helen Helen Chappell Search
Charbonneau, Louis Louis Henry Charbonneau Search
Charles, Anita Susan Barrie Search
Charles, Franklin Robert Leslie Bellem Search
Charles, Franklin Cleve Franklin Adams Search
Charles, Nora Noreen Wald Search
Charles, Steven Charles L. Grant Search
Charles, Theresa Irene Maude Swatridge Search
Charles, Theresa Jan Tempest Search
Charles, Will Charles Ray Willeford Search
Chase, Adam Milton Lesser Search
Chase, Adam Milton Lesser Search
Chase, Emily Julie Garwood Search
Chatham, Larry David Ernest Bingley Search
Chelton, John Paul Durst Search
Cherry, Carolyn Janice Carolyn Janice Cherry Search
Cherryh, C J Carolyn Janice Cherry Search
Chesham, Henry David Ernest Bingley Search
Chesney, Marion Marion McChesney Search
Chester, Sarah Marion McChesney Search
Childress, Susan Susan Wiggs Search
Chinwell, Walter Forrest J. Ackerman Search
Christian, Frederick H Frederick William Nolan Search
Christie, Agatha Agatha Mary Clarissa Christie Search
Christopher, John Samuel Youd Search
Christopher, Kay Grace Thompson Search
Churchill, Jill Janice Young Brooks Search
Clare, Ellen Olga Ellen Sinclair Search
Clark, Arthur C Sir Arthur Charles Clark Search
Clark, Curt Donald E Westlake Search
Clark, Joan Mildred Augustine Wirt Benson Search
Clarke, Robert Charles Michael Platt Search
Clarkson, Helen Helen Worrell Clarkson McCloy Search
Clayton, Sheena Brian McNaughton Search
Clayton, Victoria Victoria Clayton Search
Clement, Hal Harry Clement Stubbs Search
Clerihew, E Edmund Clerihew Bentley Search
Cleve, Janita Donald Sydney Rowland Search
Clinton, Dirk Robert Silverberg Search
Clinton, Jeff Jack Miles Bickham Search
Coates, Sheila Sheila Holland Search
Coburn, L J John B. Harvey Search
Cochrane, Jeff Paul Durst Search
Cocks, Peter Peter Cocks Search
Cody, Al Archie Lynn Joscelyn Search
Cody, C S Leslie Waller Search
Cody, John Edward Earl Repp Search
Coe, Tucker Donald E Westlake Search
Coffin, Peter Jonathan Wyatt Latimer Search
Coffman, Virginia Virginia Edith Coffman Search
Cole, Jackson Peter B Germano Search
Cole, Robert Charles Horace Snow Search
Collins, Hunt Salvatore Albert Lombino Search
Colt, Clem Nelson Coral Nye Search
Colt, Zandra Florence Stevenson Search
Coltman, Will David Ernest Bingley Search
Colvin, James Michael John Moorcock Search
Colvin, Warwick, Jr Michael John Moorcock, Jr Search
Coniston, Ed David Ernest Bingley Search
Conley, Martha Marta Randall Search
Connor, Kevin Frank O'Rourke Search
Conway, Troy Michael Angelo Avallone Search
Cook, Dawn Dawn Cook Search
Cook, John Estes Lyman Frank Baum Search
Cook, Robin Robert William Arthur Cook Search
Cook, Will William Everett Cook Search
Cooke, Millen Millen Cooke Search
Cookson, Catherine Catherine Cookson Search
Cooper, Henry St John John Creasey Search
Coram, Christopher Peter Norman Walker Search
Cord, Barry Peter B Germano Search
Corder, Zizou Louisa Young Search
Corren, Grace Robert Phillip Hoskins Search
Correy, Lee G Harry Stine Search
Corwin, Cecil Cyril M. Kornbluth Search
Costigan, Lee Henry Hunt Searls Search
Coulson, John H A John H. A. Coulson Search
Coupling, J J John Robinson Pierce Search
Court, Sharon Donald Sydney Rowland Search
Courtney, Robert Frank M Robinson Search
Cowen, Frances Frances Cowen Search
Cox, A B Anthony Berkeley Cox Search
Cox, Patricia Pat Warren Search
Cox, William R William Robert Cox Search
Craig, A A Poul William Anderson Search
Craig, Alisa Charlotte Matilda MacLeod Search
Craig, Kit Kit Reed Search

182 Authors Found Last Name First Initial C
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