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Author Name True Name Search Titles
Baantjer, A C Albert Cornelis Baantjer Search
Babson, Marian Ruth Stenstreem Search
Baccalario, P D Pierdomenico Baccalario Search
Bach, Lauren Lauren Bach Search
Bach, Richard Richard David Bach Search
Bachman, Richard Stephen Edwin King Search
Baen, Jim James Patrick Baen Search
Baer, Judy Judy Baer Search
Bagby, George Aaron Marc Stein Search
Baggott, Julianna Julianna Baggott Search
Baglio, Ben M Ben M Baglio Search
Bagnold, Enid Lady Roderick Jones Search
Bailey, Gen Karen Kay Elstne Search
Bailey, H C Henry Christopher Bailey Search
Bain, F W Francis William Bain Search
Baines, Lew Robert J. Randisi Search
Baird, Wilhelmina Joyce Carstairs Hutchinson Search
Baker, Asa Davis Dresser Search
Baker, Deb Deb Baker Search
Baker, Donna Lilian Harry Search
Baker, Madeline Madeline Baker Search
Baldry, Cherith Cherith Baldry Search
Baldwin, Alex William Edmund Butterworth Search
Baldwin, Gordo Gordon Cortis Baldwin Search
Baldwin, Gordon C. Gordon Cortis Baldwin Search
Baldwin, Rebecca Helen Chappell Search
Ball, Brian N Brian Neville Ball Search
Ball, Donna Donna Ball Search
Ball, John John Dudley Ball Search
Ball, Margaret Margaret Elizabeth Ball Search
Ballantyne, R M Robert Michael Ballantyne Search
Ballard, J G James Graham Ballard Search
Ballard, Mignon F Mignon Franklin Ballard Search
Ballard, P D Willis Todhunter Ballard Search
Ballard, Todhunter Willis Todhunter Ballard Search
Ballard, W T Willis Todhunter Ballard Search
Ballard, Willis Willis Todhunter Ballard Search
Ballew, Charles Charles Horace Snow Search
Balliett, Blue Elizabeth Blue Balliett Klein Search
Ballinger, Bill S. William Sanborn Ballinger Search
Bancroft, Laura Lyman Frank Baum Search
Banet, D R Ray Douglas Bradbury Search
Bangert, Ethel E Ethel Elizabeth Bangert Search
Bangs, John Kendrick John Kendrick Bangs Search
Banker, Ashok K Ashok Kumar Banker Search
Banks, Carla Danuta Reah Search
Banks, Dakota Shirley Kennett Search
Banks, Edward Ray Douglas Bradbury Search
Banks, Iain Iain Banks Search
Banks, Iain M Iain Banks Search
Banks, L A Leslie Esdaile-Banks Search
Banks, L E Leslie Esdaile-Banks Search
Banks, T F Ian Dennis Search
Banks, T F Sean Russell Search
Bannon, Peter Paul Durst Search
Banville, John John Banville Search
Banville, Vincent Vincent Banville Search
Bar-Zohar, Michael Michael Bar-Zohar Search
Barak, Michael Michael Bar-Zohar Search
Barbette, Jay Bart Spicer Search
Barbieri, Elaine Elaine Barbieri Search
Barclay, Alan George B Tait Search
Barclay, Ann Maysie Greig Search
Barclay, Bill Michael John Moorcock Search
Barclay, Florence L. Florence Louisa Barclay Search
Barclay, Marguerite Marguerite Florence Jevis Search
Barclay, Suzanne Carol S Backus Search
Barclay, Tessa Jean Bowden Search
Barclay, William Ewert Michael John Moorcock Search
Barcynska, Countess Marguerite Florence Jevis Search
Bardwell, Denver James Denson Sayers Search
Barker, S Omar Squire Omar Barker Search
Barker, Wade Richard S Meyers Search
Barnao, Jack Edward John Wood Search
Barnard, Robert Robert Barnard Search
Barnes, Arthur K Arthur K Barnes Search
Barnes, John John Allen Barnes Search
Barnes, Julian Julian Patrick Barnes Search
Barretton, Grandal Randall Garrett Search
Barrie, Susan Susan Barrie Search
Barrington, E Lily Adams Beck Search
Barrington, Michael Michael John Moorcock Search
Barrowcliffe, Mark Mark Barrowcliffe Search
Barry, C J Samantha Graves Search
Barry, Jocelyn Jean Bowden Search
Barton, Jon John B. Harvey Search
Basset, Jack Donald Sydney Rowland Search
Bastable, Bernard Robert Barnard Search
Bates, H E Herbert Ernest Bates Search
Bates, Harry Harry Bates Search
Bates, Herbert Ernest Herbert Ernest Bates Search
Bates, Hiram Gilmore, III Harry Bates, III Search
Bates, Jenny Maura Seger Search
Baum, L Frank Lyman Frank Baum Search
Baxter, George Owen Frederick Schiller Faust Search
Baxter, Hazel Donald Sydney Rowland Search
Baxter, John Everette Howard Hunt Search
Baxter, Phil Phillip Anthony John Borg Search
Baxter, Valerie Laurence Walter Meynell Search
Beach, Tom Laurence M. Janifer Search
Bean, Norman Edgar Rice Burroughs Search
Beaton, M C Marion McChesney Search
Beaty, Betty Betty Beaty Search
Beaumont, Charles Charles Leroy Nutt Search
Beaumont, E J Charles Leroy Nutt Search
Bechko, P A P. Peggy Anne Bechko Search
Beck, L Adams Lily Adams Beck Search
Bedford, John Phyllis Dora Hastings Search
Bedford, Sidney Laurence Walter Meynell Search
Beech, Webb William Edmund Butterworth Search
Beeding, Francis John Leslie Palmer Search
Beeding, Francis Hilary Adam St. George Saunders Search
Bell, Eric Temple Eric Temple Bell Search
Bell, Frank Mildred Augustine Wirt Benson Search
Bellem, Robert Leslie Robert Leslie Bellem Search
Bellin, Edwin J Cyril M. Kornbluth Search
Benji, Thomas Frank M Robinson Search
Bennet, Kim Karen Hawkins Search
Bennett, Dwight Dwight Bennett Newton Search
Bennett, Elizabeth Deare Samuel Kimball Merwin Search
Bennett, Ruth Shirley Wells Search
Bennetts, Pamela Pamela Bennetts Search
Benson, Mildred Mildred Augustine Wirt Benson Search
Benteen, John Benjamin Leopold Haas Search
Bentley, C F Irene Radford Search
Bentley, E. C. Edmund Clerihew Bentley Search
Bentley, Pauline Kate Tremayne Search
Bentley, Phyliss Phyliss Eleanor Bentley Search
Bently, Jayne Jayne Ann Castle Krentz Search
Benton, Karla Donald Sydney Rowland Search
Berkeley, Anthony Anthony Berkeley Cox Search
Berry, Helen Donald Sydney Rowland Search
Berryman, John John Berryman Search
Bertin, Jack Peter B Germano Search
Bethlen, T D Robert Silverberg Search
Betteridge, Anne Margaret Edith Newman Potter Search
Bevan, Alistair Keith Roberts Search
Beynon, John John Wyndham Parkes Lucas Beynon Harris Search
Beynon, John John Beynon Harris Search
Bickham, Jack M Jack Miles Bickham Search
Bierce, Ambrose Ambrose Bierce Search
Billingham, Mark Mark Billingham Search
Binder, Eando Earl Andrew Binder Search
Binder, Eando Otto Binder Search
Binder, Earl Earl Andrew Binder Search
Binder, Jack Otto Binder Search
Binder, Jack Earl Andrew Binder Search
Binder, Otto Otto Binder Search
Bingley, David David Ernest Bingley Search
Bird, Jessica Jessica Rowley Pell Bird Search

299 Authors Found Last Name First Initial B
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