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List of Author Names with First Initial of Last Name A

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Author Name True Name Search Titles
A, Dr Dr. Isaac Asimov Search
Aarons, Edward S. Edward Sidney Aarons Search
Abbey, Kieran Helen Reilly Search
Abbey, Margaret Margaret Elizabeth York Search
Abbot, Anthony Fulton Oursler Search
Abbot, Rick Jack Michael Sharkey Search
Abbott, John Salvatore Albert Lombino Search
Ackerman, Forrest J. Forrest J. Ackerman Search
Acuna, Desiree Kimberly Zant Search
Adair, Dominique J C Wilder Search
Adams, Annette Donald Sydney Rowland Search
Adams, Bart David Ernest Bingley Search
Adams, Chuck Edwin Charles Tubb Search
Adams, Cleve F. Cleve Franklin Adams Search
Adams, Clifton Clifton Adams Search
Adams, Daniel Christopher Robin Nicole Search
Adams, Justin Lou Cameron Search
Adams, Nicholas James D Macdonald Search
Adams, Nicholas Debra Doyle Search
Adrian, Lara Tina St. John Search
Agar, Brian Willis Todhunter Ballard Search
Aghill, Gordon Robert Silverberg Search
Aghill, Gordon Randall Garrett Search
Aiken, G A Shelly Laurenston Search
Ainsworth, Harriet Violet Elizabeth Cadell Search
Airlie, Catherine Jean S. MacLeod Search
Akers, Floyd Lyman Frank Baum Search
Albanesi, Madame Effie Adelaide Maria Albanesi Search
Albany, James Hugh Crauford Rae Search
Albert, Marvin H. Marvin H. Albert Search
Aldeano, Silvestre Forrest J. Ackerman Search
Alding, Peter Roderic Jeffries Search
Aldiss, Brian W. Brian Wilson Aldiss Search
Aldrich, Ann Marijane Meaker Search
Alexander, David David Alexander Search
Allan, Luke William Lacey Amy Search
Allan, Mabel Esther Mabel Esther Allan Search
Allardyce, Paula Ursula Torday Search
Allbeury, Ted Theodore Edward le Bouthillier Allbeury Search
Allen, Grant Charles Grant Blairfindie Allen Search
Allen, Henry Wilson Henry Wilson Allen Search
Allen, Hugh St George Henry Rathborne Search
Allen, John B Donald E Westlake Search
Allyson, Alan Anthony Nuttall Search
Allyson, Kym Katheryn Kimbrough Search
Altman, Thomas Campbell Armstrong Search
Ambler, Eric Eric Clifford Ambler Search
Ames, Jennifer Maysie Greig Search
Amis, Kingsley Sir Kingsley William Amis Search
Amy, Lacey William Lacey Amy Search
Anderson, David Raymond F. Jones Search
Anderson, Jane Jane Toombs Search
Anderson, Karen Karen Anderson Search
Anderson, Mrs S Poul Karen Anderson Search
Anderson, Poul Poul William Anderson Search
Andress, Lesley Lawrence Sanders Search
Andrews, Colin Francis Paul Wilson Search
Andrews, Felicia Charles L. Grant Search
Andrews, Lucilla Lucilla Matthew Andrews Search
Andrews, Mary Kay Kathy Hogan Trocheck Search
Andrews, Russell David Handler Search
Anmar, Frank William Francis Nolan Search
Annandale, Barbara Jean Bowden Search
Anzetti, Toni Ann Tonsor Zeddies Search
Archer, A A Archie Lynn Joscelyn Search
Archer, Ellen Ellen Recknor Search
Archer, Frank Richard O'Connor Search
Archer, Nathan Lawrence Watt-Evans Search
Archer, Ron Dave van Arnam Search
Archer, Ron Theodore Edwin White Search
Ard, William William Thomas Ard Search
Arlen, Leslie Christopher Robin Nicole Search
Armstrong, Campbell Campbell Armstrong Search
Armstrong, Charlotte Charlotte Armstrong Search
Armstrong, F W T M Wright Search
Armstrong, Richard Richard Armstrong Search
Arncliffe, Andrew Peter Norman Walker Search
Arnett, Caroline Lois Dwight Taylor Search
Arnette, Robert Robert Silverberg Search
Arnold, Joseph H. Joseph Arnold Hayes Search
Arre, Helen Zola Helen Ross Search
Arthur, Peter Arthur Porges Search
Arthur, Robert Robert Arthur Feder Search
Ash, Fenton Fenton Ash Search
Ashe, Gordon John Creasey Search
Ashe, Mary Ann Mary Christianna Milne Brand Search
Asher, Bridget Julianna Baggott Search
Ashford, Jeffrey Roderic Jeffries Search
Ashley, Amanda Madeline Baker Search
Ashley, Ellen Elizabeth Seifert Search
Ashley, Fred Fenton Ash Search
Ashton, Ann Katheryn Kimbrough Search
Ashton, Kate Margaret Elizabeth Ball Search
Asimov, Isaac Dr. Isaac Asimov Search
Asimov, Janet J. O. Jeppson Search
Astley, Juliet Norah Lofts Search
Aston, James Terence Hanbury White Search
Atheling, William, Jr. James Blish, Jr. Search
Atherton, Gertrude Gertrude Atherton Search
Athkins, D E Nola Thacker Search
Atkinson, Mary Mollie Hardwick Search
Atlee, Gwyneth Colleen Thompson Search
Aubrey, Frank Fenton Ash Search
Aubrey-Fletcher, Henry L Henry L Aubrey-Fletcher Search
Audemars, Pierre Pierre Audemars Search
August, John Bernard Augustine De Voto Search
Aury, Dominique Anne Desclos Search
Austin, Frank Frederick Schiller Faust Search
Austin, Jim James Reasoner Search
Austin, Lori Lori Handeland Search
Austin, Mary Mary Hunter Austin Search
Avallone, Michael Michael Angelo Avallone Search
Averill, Esther Esther Holden Averill Search
Averill, H C Charles Horace Snow Search
Avery, Anne Anne Holmberg Search
Avery, Lynn Lois Dwight Taylor Search
Avery, Morgan Shirley Kennett Search
Awdrey-Gore, D Edward St. John Gorey Search
Aydy, Catherine Emma Christina Tennant Search
Ayres, Paul Edward Sidney Aarons Search

120 Authors Found Last Name First Initial A

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