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Shannon McKenna (Also wrote as Shannon Anderson)

I started writing my first romance novel in secret. I was working a temp job in an insurance office in Manhattan at the time, and the office manager had made it clear that even if there was nothing to do, I still had to look busy-- never one of my big talents. So I sneakily set up a Document 1 and a Document 2 with a spreadsheet on it. If my Boss du Jour walked by I could quick-like-a-bunny switch screens, and whenever the coast was clear, I went back to my story. Not that I was slacking, mind you. If there was work to be done, I did it. The sneakiness felt familiar, though, because I've been teased about reading romances since I was a kid. I think the day I finally grew up was the day I stopped trying to cover up what I was reading on the bus, train or subway. Let people think whatever they like.

It wasn't until I moved to Italy that I got serious about writing, though. I found myself with many long, quiet days alone with nothing to do, so I slogged my way bravely to the end of the manuscript and sent it out. Everybody rejected it-except for Kensington. I wrote for them for a few years, and then made a bid for an erotic novella for the new Brava imprint, and oh joy, they accepted it. Then I wrote BEHIND CLOSED DOORS. And so on, and so forth.

That's how I started. I can't think of anything I'd rather do. I never knew it would be so scary, and so hard . . . all that solitude and silence, a blank computer screen, and no one to blame. But still. It's worth it. It's great.
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  • All About Romance 2003 Reader's Award: Guiltiest Pleasure
    Book: Standing in the Shadows
    Publisher: Kensington, ISBN: 0-7582-0453-1

Books by Shannon McKenna
  • Standing in the Shadows (2003)
  • Behind Closed Doors (2002)
  • Return To Me (2004)
  • Out of Control (2005)
Writing as Shannon Anderson
  • Anything Goes (1999)
  • Bit of A Gypsy
  • Come Rain, Come Shine
  • Isn't It Romantic (2000)
  • Quinn's Return (2000)
Anthologies with Shannon McKenna
  • All Through The Knight (2001) (Foster/Forster/Devine/McKenna)
  • I Brake For Bad Boys (2002) (Foster/Denison/McKenna/McKenna)
  • Bad Boys Next Exit (2004) (McKenna/Kauffman/Sheedy)

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