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Stella Tillyard - British Author and historian
Stella Tillyard is a British author and was trained as an art historian. Her first book was The Impact of Modernism, 1900-20: Visual Arts in Edwardian England, which explores the ways in which modernism in the visual arts was received in England--not because it repudiated the past in a revolutionary fashion but because it grew from nineteenth-century roots.

She later taught at University of California Los Angeles (UCLA). While there she stumbled by accident upon the story of the four Lennox sisters, Caroline, Emily, Louisa and Sarah. Upon returning to England she started researching the Lennox sisters at the British Library, which resulted in her writing the first book of what would eventually become a trilogy, Aristocrats: Caroline, Emily, Louisa and Sarah Lennox 1740-1832.

Aristocrats won the Longman/History Today Book of the Year Award, and the Fawcett Prize, and has been translated into six languages. The story was also produced as a film and became familiar to American audiences through its presentation on the ExxonMobile Masterpiece Theatre.

Caroline, the eldest sister, eloped with Henry Fox; their most famous son was Charles James Fox who became Britainís first Foreign Secretary. Emily had an arranged marriage with James Fitzgerald, Earl of Kildare and later 1st Duke of Leinster, with whom she bore nineteen children. Their fifth son, Edward who strongly supported the separation of Ireland from England, became the subject of the second book of her trilogy, Citizen Lord, Edward Fitzgerald, 1763-1798. Louisa married Thomas Conelly, the richest man in Ireland; in later life she became a noted philanthropist.

Sarah, at an early age, was the object of affection of the then Prince of Wales who would later go on to become George III. Sarah married George Napier and they had several sons who had distinguished military careers. These sons will become the subject of the third book of Tillyard's trilogy, which has the working title of Soldiers.

Tillyard has been a regular contributor of articles since 1999 to Prospect Magazine.

Dr. Stella Tillyard is currently with the University of London School of English and Drama. Tillyard convenes and teaches the option module Writing A Biography on CELL's (Centre for Editing Lives and Letters) Masters in Research in Editing Lives and Letters. She is now beginning working on the British experience of the American War of Independence.
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Books by Stella Tillyard:
  • The Impact of Modernism, 1900-20: Visual Arts in Edwardian England, (1988)
  • Aristocrats: Caroline, Emily, Louisa, and Sarah Lennox 1740-1832, (1994)
  • Citizen Lord: The Life of Edward Fitzgerald, Irish Revolutionary, (1998)
  • A Royal Affair: George III and His Troublesome Siblings (2006)

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