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Marguerite (Lofft) de Angeli (1889-1987) – American author and illustrator of children’s books
Marguerite de Angeli began her career in 1906 as a concert and church soloist. Following her marriage in 1910 and the birth of several children, she turned from singing to studying drawing, and began illustrating articles for Country Gentleman, Ladies Home Journal, and others. By 1934 she was illustrating stories she herself had written and soon became one of America’s most popular writer and illustrator of children’s books. de Angeli was admired particularly for her pioneering stories about minorities and for her historical fiction about the Middle Ages. She has won several awards for her distinguished and lasting contribution to the world of children’s books, including a Newbery Medal (The Door in the Wall, a historical novel set in medieval England), a Newbery Honor Book Award, Caldecott Honor Book Award (twice), a Lewis Carrol Shelf Award, and the 1968 Regina Medal.

Her manuscripts and letters are housed at the Free Library in Philadelphia.

Sample Autograph Signature of Marguerite de Angeli
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Works by Marguerite de Angeli:

Books for Children (illustrated by the author):
  • Ted and Nina Go to the Grocery Store, 1935
  • Ted and Nina Have a Happy Rainy Day, 1936
  • Henner's Lydia, 1936
  • Petite Suzanne, 1937
  • Copper-Toed Boots, 1938
  • Skippack School, 1939
  • A Summer Day with Ted and Nina, 1940
  • Thee, Hannah! 1940
  • Elin's Amerika, 1941
  • Up the Hill, 1942
  • Yonie Wondernose, 1944
  • Turkey for Christmas, 1944
  • Bright April, 1946
  • Jared's Island, 1947
  • The Door in the Wall, 1950
  • Just Like David, 1951
  • Black Fox of Lorne, 1956
  • A Pocket Full of Posies: A Merry Mother Goose, 1961
  • The Goose Girl, 1964
  • Fiddlestrings, 1974
  • The Lion in the Box, 1975
  • Whistle for the Crossing, 1977
  • Friendship and Other Poems, 1981
Works for Adults:
  • Libraries and Reading: Their Importance in the Lives of Famous Americans, with others, edited by Donald H. Hunt, 1964
  • Butter at the Old Price: The Autobiography of Marguerite de Angeli, 1971
Works Illustrated by Marguerite de Angeli:
  • The New Moon, (1924) and The Covered Bridge, (1936), both by Cornelia Meigs
  • Meggy MacIntosh by Elizabeth Janet Gray, 1930
  • A Candle in the Mist by Florence Crannell Means, 1931
  • The Christmas Nightingale by Eric Kelly, 1932
  • Joan Wanted a Kitty by Jane Brown Gemmill, 1937
  • Alice-All-by-Herself by Elizabeth Coatsworth, 1937
  • Red Sky over Rome by Anne D. Kyle, 1938
  • The Princess and the Gypsy by Jean Rosmer, 1938
  • Prayers and Graces for Little Children edited by Quail Hawkins, 1941
  • They Loved to Laugh by Kathryn Worth, 1942
  • In and Out: Verses by Tom Robinson, 1943
  • The Empty Barn, (1966), and The Door in the Wall: A Play, (1968), both by Arthur C. de Angeli
Books about Marguerite de Angeli:
  • Michigan's Marguerite de Angeli: The Story of Lapeer's Native, by William Anderson, (1987)

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