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JO BEVERLEY - Multi-Award winning Historical Romance author.

Jo Beverley, widely regarded as one of the most talented writers of Regency and Historical fiction today, was born and raised in England where she received a degree in English history from Keele University in Staffordshire. She and her husband emigrated to Victoria B.C, just a ferry ride away from Seattle, WA, where they now live with their two sons.

Although Jo started writing when she was a young child it was only in the eighties that she realised that writing was something "ordinary people" could do, and after an author talk at a local library she settled down to writing her first historical romance. Now, twenty years later, she is the author of over twenty-five romance novels and many novellas, and has recently turned her very accomplished hand to science fiction.
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Jo Beverley is known for her accurate historical detail, witty dialogue and well-developed characters. She is a four-time winner of Romance Writers of America's cherished RITA Award and is one of only a handful of members in the RITA Hall of Fame. She has also recieved the Romantic Times Career Achievement Award.
  • Tempting Fortune (March 1995) RT Award Winner
  • Something Wicked (July 1997) RT Award Nominee
  • Forbidden Magic (November 1998) RT Award Winner
  • Secrets of the Night (July 1999) RT Award Winner
  • Devilish (April 2000) RT Award Nominee
  • The Devil's Heiress (August 2001) RT Award Nominee
  • Hazard (May 2002) RT Award Nominee
  • St. Raven (February 2003) RT Award Nominee

Books by Jo Beverly

Regency Historicals -- Mostly in the world of the "Company of Rogues"
  • An Arranged Marriage (1991 - Reissued November 1999)
  • An Unwilling Bride (1992 - Reissued December 2000)
  • Christmas Angel (1992 - Reissued October 2001)
  • Forbidden (1994 - Reissued December 2003)
  • Dangerous Joy (1995 - Reissued December 2004)
  • Forbidden Magic (1998)
  • The Dragon's Bride (May 2001)
  • The Devil's Heiress (August 2001)
  • Hazard (May 2002)
  • St. Raven (February 2003)
  • Skylark (February 2003)
Georgian Historicals -- The Malloren world, ruled over by the Marquess of Rothgar
  • My Lady Notorious (1993 - reissued July 2002)
  • Tempting Fortune (1995 - reissued December 2002)
  • Something Wicked (1997)
  • Secrets Of The Night (1999 - reissued March 2004)
  • Devilish (2000)
  • Winter Fire (November 2003)
  • A Most Unsuitable Man (February 2005)
Medieval Romances
  • Lord Of My Heart (1992 - reissued October 2002)
  • Dark Champion (1993 - reissued January 2003)
  • The Stolen Bride (1996)
  • The Lord of Midnight (1998)
Traditional Regencies
  • Lord Wraybourne's Betrothed (1998)
  • The Stanforth Secrets (1989)
  • The Stolen Bride (1990)
  • Emily And The Dark Angel (1991)
  • The Fortune Hunter (1991)
  • Deirdre And Don Juan (1993)
Romance Novellas (Anthologies)
  • Twelfth Night (1991 in A Christmas Delight) (Reissued in Five Golden Rings (2000)
  • Lord Samhain's Night (1992 - In the anthology All Hallow's Eve)
  • The Demon's Bride (1993 - In the anthology Moonlight Lovers)
  • A Mummer's Play (1995 - In the anthology A Regency Christmas)
  • Forbidden Affections (1996 - In the anthology A Spring Bouquet)
  • The Determined Bride (1996 - In the anthology Married At Midnight)
  • A Gift Of Light (1996 - In the anthology A Christmas Cat)
  • The Lord of Elphindale (1998 - In the anthology Faery Magic)
  • Day Of Rath (1999 - In the anthology Star Of Wonder)
  • The Wise Virgin (1999 - In the anthology The Brides of Christmas)
  • The Demon's Mistress (2001 - in In Praise of Younger Men)
Science Fiction Novellas
  • The Determined Bride (1996 - In the anthology Writers Of The Future)
  • The Trouble With Heros (1996 - In the anthology Irresistible Forces)

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