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James "the Amazing" Randi

James Randi is an author, professional magician, debunker of pseudoscience, and exposer of "psychic" rip-off artists.

The world’s greatest skeptic, James Randi has debunked a host of popular fads, superstitions, and beliefs pushed by the naive, the gullible, and the fraudulent. The author, whose professional stage name is “the Amazing Randi,” is a founder of the Committee for the Scientific Investigation of Claims of the Paranormal (CSICOP, pronounced sigh-cop).

Randi is perhaps most famous for being the man who has offered a One Million Dollar reward to anyone who can demonstate, under mutually agreed-to scientific conditions, that they have any actual paranormal, mystical or metaphysical powers. Needless to say, this very generous prize has yet to be claimed.

In his books, Randi has debunked every type of phony science and every topic in the so-called supernatural realm, from biorhythms and magneto-therapy to prehistoric alien visits and communication with "the dead." He has also provided readers with two excellent biographies: on Harry Houdini, that other great debunker, and on Nostradamus, the most famous phony fortune teller in history.
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Books by James Randi
  • Conjuring: Being a Definitive Account of the Venerable Arts of Sorcery, Prestidigitation, Wizardry, Deception, and Chicanery and of the Mountebanks and Scoundrels Who Have Perpetrated These Subterfuges on a Bewildered Public, 1992
  • An Encyclopedia of Claims, Frauds and Hoaxes of the Occult and Supernatural: Decidedly Skeptical Definitions of Alternate Realities Exposed by James Randi, 1995
  • The Faith Healers, 1987
  • Flim-Flam! The Truth About Unicorns, Parapsychology, and other Other Delusions, 1980
  • Houdini: His Life And Art, 1976
  • James Randi: Psychic Investigator, 1991
  • The Magic of Uri Geller as Revealed by the Amazing Randi, 1975
  • The Magic World of the Amazing Randi: Mysterious Tricks Really Performed by Wizards of All Ages, 1989
  • The Mask of Nostradamus: A Critical Biography of the World’s Most Famous Prophet, 1990
  • Test Your ESP Potential: A Complete Kit with Instructions, Scorecards, and Apparatus, 1982
As Co-author or Contributor
  • Looking for a Miracle: Weeping Icons, Relics, Stigmata, Visions and Healing Cures, by Joe Nickell, 1993
  • Mathemagics: How to Look Like a Genius Without Really Trying, by Authur Benjamin, 1993
  • Miracle Mongers and Their Methods: A Complete Expose of the Modus Operandi of Fire Eaters, Heat Resisters, Poison Eaters, Venemous Reptile Defiers, Sword Swallowers, Human Ostriches, Strong Men, Etc., by Harry Houdini, 1920
  • The Sorceror of Kings: The Case of Daniel Dunglas Home and William Crookes, by Gordon Stein, 1993

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