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Geoffrey Hodson (1886-1983), occultist

Geoffrey Hodson was the author of dozens of books on fairies, angels, psychic powers, Theosophy, spiritualism, mysticism, and metaphysics. He also wrote over two hundred articles, delivered radio talks, and lectured frequently on these topics. Born and raised in England, he traveled the world extensively lecturing for The Theosophical Society. In later years he settled in Auckland and became a citizen of New Zealand.
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Works by Geoffrey Hodson:
  • Faeries at Work and at Play, 1925
  • The Kingdom of Faerie, 1927
  • The Science of Seership: A Study of the Faculty of Clairvoyance, its Development and Use, Together with Examples of Clairvoyant Research, 1927
  • The Brotherhood of Angels and of Men, 1927
  • First Steps on the Path, 1928
  • The Angelic Hosts, 1928
  • Be Ye Perfect, 1928
  • Angels and the New Race, 1929
  • American Lectures, 1929
  • Thus Have I Heard, 1929
  • The Miracle of Birth: A Clairvoyant Study of a Human Embryo, 1929
  • The Inner Side of Church Worship, 1930
  • An Occult View of Health and Disease 1930
  • New Light on the Problem of Disease 1930
  • Some Experiments in Four Dimensional Vision, 1933
  • The Coming of the Angels, 1935
  • Destiny, 1936
  • The Seven Human Temperaments, 1952
  • Man, the Triune God, 1952
  • Kingdom of the Gods, 1952
  • Through the Gateway of Death: A Message to the Bereaved, 1953
  • Theosophy Answers Some Problems of Life, 1953
  • Pathway to Perfection: A Treatise on the Path of Swift Unfoldment, 1954
  • Occult Powers in Nature and in Man: Lectures Delivered in 1953 At the Summer Sessions At Olcott, Wheaton, Illinois, Headquarters of the Theosophical Society in America, 1955
  • Lecture Notes: The School of the Wisdom, 1955
  • Vital Questions Answered, 1959
  • The Soul's Awakening: Talks on Occultism and The Occult Life, 1963
  • Hidden Wisdom in the Holy Bible: An Examination of the Idea that the Contents of the Bible are Partly Allegorical, 4 volumes, 1963-1980
  • Man's Supersensory and Spiritual Powers, 1964
  • Reincarnation, Fact or Fallacy? An Examination and Exposition of the Doctrine of Rebirth, 1967
  • Meditations on the Occult Life, 1968
  • The Supreme Splendour, 1967
  • The Priestly Ideal, 1971
  • The Call to the Heights: Guidance on the Pathway to Self-Illumination, 1975
  • Christ Life from Nativity to Ascension, 1975
  • Music Forms: Superphysical Effects of Music Clairvoyantly Observed, 1976
  • At the Sign of the Square and Compass, 1976
  • Clairvoyant Investigations of Christian Origins, 1977
  • Basic Theosophy: The Living Wisdom (condensed from Lecture Notes), 1981
  • The Concealed Wisdom in World Mythology, 1983
  • Clairvoyant Investigations, 1984
  • The Occult Philosophy Concealed within Freemasonry, 1985
Further reading:
  • The Aquarian Occultist; a biography of Geoffrey Hodson, by John K. Robertson

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