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E(dna) Annie Proulx (1935 - ) American novelist
E. Annie Proulx is an American writer whose darkly comic yet sad fiction is peopled with quirky, memorable individuals and unconventional families. Proulx has traveled widely, extensively researching physical backgrounds and locales. She frequently uses regional speech patterns, surprising and scathing language, and unusual plot twists in her novels and short stories about disintegrating families who maintain attachments to the land.

Proulx achieved fame only after a long struggle to support her family, working as a freelance journalist and writing several on-assignment "how-to" books. She also managed to set aside some time for fiction writing, penning various short stories, and contributing anthologies, writing articles and book reviews. She is hard working and fiercely independent. Her career blossomed with her first attempt at a long work of fiction (Postcards), for which she won the respected PEN/Faulkner Prize, followed by the Pultizer Prize and National Book Award the following year for The Shipping News.
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Books by E. Annie Proulx

  • Heart Songs and Other Stories, (1988) short stories
  • Postcards (1992)
  • The Shipping News (1993)
  • Accordion Crimes (1996)
  • Treadwell (1996) - essays
  • Brokeback Mountain (1998) first published in The New Yorker, 1997
  • Close Range: Wyoming Stories, (1999)
  • That Old Ace in the Hole, (2002)
  • Bad Dirt: Wyoming Stories 2, (2004)
  • Sweet and Hard Cider: Making It, Using It, and Enjoying It, Garden Way, (1980) - with Lew Nichols
  • "What'll You Take for It?": Back to Barter, (1981)
  • The Complete Dairy Foods Cookbook: How to Make Everything from Cheese to Custard in Your Kitchen, (1982) with Lew Nicols
  • Great Grapes! Grow the Best Ever (1982)
  • The Gardener's Journal and Record Book, (1983)
  • Plan and Make Your Own Fences and Gates, Walkways, Walls and Drives, (1983)
  • The Fine Art of Salad Gardening, (1985)
  • The Gourmet Gardener: Growing Choice Fruits and Vegetables with Spectacular Results, (1987)
  • Cider: Making, Using, and Enjoying Sweet and Hard Cider (1997)

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