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February 14
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American journalist and author
(b. 1856 - d. 1931)
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February 14, 2016

Literary Landmarks: Du Bois Homesite

DuBois W.E.B. Du Bois, who lived in a now demolished house on this site during his boyhood, was a voice that inspired African Americans to believe in themselves and to fight for justice. Du Bois felt a special bond to the Great Barrington property, which had been in his family for more than 200 years. The property was given to Du Bois as a 60th birthday gift in 1928. In the “House of the Black Burghardts” (1928) Du Bois recalled his family’s ancestral home upon the Egremont Plain. First purchased by his maternal great grandfather, Jackson Burghardt in 1795, the site remained within Du Bois’ family for six generations. The homesite and the immediate land surrounding it was a veritable community of intergenerational, free, land owning African Americans.

For more information click here: Du Bois Homesite
or here for Books by Du Bois ,

On This Day:
  • ❤ Happy Saint Valentine's Day ❤
  • Oscar Wilde comedy, The Importance of Being Earnest, opens at St. James Theatre in London, 1895
  • Theodore Herzl publishes Der Judenstaat, 1896
  • Jane Heap and Margaret Anderson of Little Review in New York, are charged and convicted of obscenity for publishing Ulysses by James Joyce, 1921
  • Khomeini orders murder of Satanic Verses novelist, Salman Rushdie, 1989
Browse our stock in Romance novels and Flower Arranging, works of Oscar Wilde, Jewish Studies and Zionism, Censorship, and works of Salman Rushdie, or search your favorite topic Here.

Today's Birthdays:

  • Thomas Malthus (1766-1834), English writer and demographer - "Law of Malthus"
  • Frederick Douglass (1817-1895), U.S. abolitionist born into slavery, founder of newspaper The North Star in Rochester, New York
  • Margaret Knight (1838-1914), inventor extraordinaire, known as "The Female Thomas Edison"
  • William John Gruffyddi (1881-1954), Welsh poet and scholar (Ynys yr Hud)
  • Max Horkheimer (1895-1973), German philosopher and sociologist (studies in prejudice)
Browse our stock of works by Thomas Malthus, Population Demographics, works by or about Frederick Douglass, Slavery and Abolition, Inventions and Inventors, Welsh Literature, works of Max Horkheimer and Racial Issues, or search your favorite topic Here.
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