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December 3
(b. 1857 - d. 1924)
Polish-born British novelist and short-story writer

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December 3, 2016

Literary Landmarks: Hans Christian Andersen Boyhood Home

Hans Christian Andersen Home In 1807 when he was two the Andersen family moved into what he would describe as his childhood home in Odense on the island of Funen in Denmark. Hans Christian Andersen and his family would go on to live here from 1807-1819. This tiny house was shared by 3 families (12 people). The house was crowded beyond belief and there was a complete lack of privacy. It is believed that this complete lack of privacy helped to develop his unique imagination and love of stories as he escaped into the privacy of his mind.

For more information click here: H.C. Andersen Museum, or click here for books by Hans Christian Andersen and here for Children's Fairy Tales.

On This Day:
  • United Nations' International Day of Persons with Disabilities
  • Mathematician, Sir Thomas Herriot, introduces potatoes to England which he brought back on a voyage from Virginia, 1586; he later published, A Briefe and True Report of the New Found Land of Virginia
  • First issue of North Star is published in NY by abolitionist leader Frederick Douglass, 1847
  • Dr. Christiaan Barnard performs first heart transplant at Groote Schurr Hospital, Cape Town, South Africa, on 53-year-old dentist Louis Washkansky, 1967
  • United Nations (UNESCO) declares the Historic District of Old Québec as a World Heritage Site, because it is an "exceptional example of a fortified colonial town and by far the most complete north of Mexico", and as the "former capital of New France, illustrates one of the major stages in the European settlement of the cololonization of the Americas by Europeans", 1985
Browse our stock in Learning Disabilities, Agriculture, Slavery and Abolition, Heart Disease, and Québec or search your favorite topic Here.

Today's Birthdays:

  • Gilbert Charles Stuart (1755-1828), American portrait painter (George Washington, James Madison, James Monroe, Thomas Jefferson, and others)
  • France Preseren (1800-1849), Slovenian poet, wrote national anthem of Slovenia
  • Herman Heijermans Jr (1864-1924), Dutch author and playwright (Diamantstad, Kamertjeszonde)
  • Carlos Montoya (1903-1993), guitarist and composer, popularized flamenco guitar music
  • Miriam Waddington (1917-2004), Canadian poet (Driving Home, The Price of Gold, The Visitants)
  • Hans Georg Kresse (1921-1992), Dutch cartoonist, (Eric de Noorman, Xander, Kommer)
  • Kim Dae Jung (b.1925), Nobel Peace Prize Laureate, 2000
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